Joaquin Phoenix Lex LuthorSources are reporting that Warner Bros and Zack Snyder are interested in Joaquin Phoenix for the main villain role in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. While there have been numerous reports that actors like Jason Mamoa and other contenders were up for other villains roles, it looks like we may have an answer of who may be the big bad, and I am hoping that it will be Lex Luthor, Snyder did confirm that he would have a part in the movie back in November. Without a doubt we will see Luthor in this movie and I wouldn’t mind seeing Phoenix play him. His role as Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator is a perfect example of how well Phoenix can play a manipulating and evil genius, two traits that are essential to being the perfect Lex Luthor. Others who had been rumored previously for the role of Luthor include Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad), Denzel Washington (Flight), and Terry O’Quinn (LOST). Towelites do you think Phoenix would make a great Luthor? Who else do you want to see play the megalomaniac? Sound off in the comments!

Via: Collider

In actual factual Man of Steel sequel news, it looks like David S. Goyer may have better things to do than finish his script. We here at DFAT, while we have enjoyed some of his past work (i.e Blade, Dark City) some of his most recent superhero work has not been as impressive. I am not a big fan of the Dark Knight trilogy and I have my problems with Man of Steel, but it looks like someone new will have a swing at rewriting the upcoming sequel. Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio has signed on to take over writing duties for Goyer now that WB is looking for someone to write the upcoming Sandman film. Terrio doesn’t have much street credit in Hollywood, except for Argo, but you can’t judge him on that, seeing that he won Best Adapted Sceenplay at this past years Oscars. So it looks like Terrio and Affleck will once again be working together and I am looking forward to it. Keep it tooned here to DFAT for more breaking news and rumors on Batman VS Superman, aka the Man of Steel sequel as they hit! Look for the movie to fly into theater in 2015!


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