Two very popular DC Comics characters are being rumored to have roles in the upcoming blockbuster, Batman vs Superman. First up we have Wonder Woman, pretty much a given, but when will we see the Amazonian warrior princess show up and in what capacity? I keep thinking that a great film would be the Amazons invade America and it’ll take the combined effort of both Superman and Batman to take on the armies of Themyscira! There have been a lot of reports of different actresses auditioning for the part including Thor’s Jamie Alexander, and now it looks like Olga Kurylenko (007: Quantum of Solace), Gal Gadot, and Elodie Yung have all also tried out for the part of Diana.

The truth behind all the rumors is simple, this movie should at least introduce the character to some extent. It doesn’t matter if it’s an after-credits appearance or whatever, introduce Wonder Woman to the general populace as soon as possible! Of course there are other rumors out there of other characters that “could” be in the film , including Batman’s ward Dick Grayson. Grayson was the original Robin and it looks like since the movie will feature a seasoned Batman, Grayson would be Nightwing by the time this movie existed in the Batman mythos. I like this concept, it skips over all of the origin stories and gets right to the point, where Dick Grayson is a badass. Whatever the case may be, I would be happy either way. Check out the video below from Latino Review who claims to have an inside scoop on what is going to happen regarding Dick Grayson.


Batman vs Superman will hit theaters in 2015!

Stay tooned 😛



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