Ladies and gents,

Today is the day for the newest dlc installment for Battlefield 3… Armored Kill (for Premium members that is; 25th for non).

BF3’s war-zones kicks it up a notch with a Vehicle Based battle.  This will include 5 new vehicles, 4 new maps (one being the biggest in BF history; which says a lot, considering that’s what it’s known for to begin with), a few new weapons, new assignments and more.

Now, this was released for the PS3 back on the 4th/18th for non Premium; and don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3 (and prefer it for most everything), but I have to give credit to xBox’s “Live”… it’s smoother, faster load times, and well, most of the people I know are on that (so it’s my obvious choice).

Anywho – BF3 Armored Kill is out today!  Get it!  Bring it!  HOORAH!