The people at EA are going to be taking a risky maneuver in their newest edition to the FPS genre. In Battlfield: Hardline, you will no longer be a soldier thrown into a crazy scenario, this time it looks like it’ll be episodes, like a tv show. The main characters are reminiscent of the tv series, The Shield and judging by the trailer below; we’ll still be seeing the action and Leveloution that we’ve come to love from the other Battlefield games.

Zip lines and grappling hooks will play into the adventure, as well as a police scanner that opens up a mode that similar to the detective mode in the Arkham games. You will also be able to drive a wide variety of vehicles and EA’s Visceral Studios looks to have all of that well-polished, judging by the footage.

Battlefield: Hardline is due out this fall. We should see a bigger reveal during E3 in June.