First Impact: Rise of a Hero (First Impact for short) is a first-person, Action-RPG designed by a team of passionate, veteran developers who make up Red Meat Games. First Impact is a virtual reality game that will be coming to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Xbox One and potentially other VR platforms. In First Impact: Rise of a Superhero players attain superhuman powers when a mysterious meteorite strikes the island where they live. But they’re not the only ones given powers, other creatures have begun to use their powers to wreak havoc as meteorites continue to ravage the island! With their newfound superpowers, players must protect the island from these new threats and find a way to stop the meteors from destroying their home!


They say when you try virtual reality, it’s like giving someone superpowers, but the team at Red Meat Games took it literally! First Impact: Rise of a Hero was born out of the desire to truly realize the feeling of being a superhero. The ability to lift cars overhead and throw them at your foes, launch fiery bolts from your hand, and fly over a vast landscape was the perfect opportunity to showcase VR and provide a new level of gameplay. Red Meat Games received funding from the Canada Media Fund and has since taken their demo build of First Impact all over North America. After having been to several comic cons such as Niagara Falls Comic Con, Montreal Comic Con, Fan Expo, and London Comic Con the interest in this game has been growing, as has the community behind it. Making its alpha build debut at PAX West 2016, First Impact has shown that it has a lot of promise and will be one of the big contenders in the VR market at launch. So whether you are an HTC Vive user, PC player or a console gamer, this is one game that you don’t want to miss in your library!


  • Harness the four elemental powers of fire, water, earth, and air in order to defeat a variety of enemies.
  • Choose how you move by having superpowers of flight, super speed, super jump, and teleportation.
  • Rock out to an original soundtrack that Red Meat Games’ musicians have crafted while you travel throughout the game.
  • Explore a rich story that centers around players as they uncover the secrets behind the meteors falling towards earth.