Illustrator Jed Henry Brings Life to an Ancient Anthropomorphic Japanese World

Edo Superstar, an action packed beat-em-up set in ancient Japan, featuring a colorful cast of anthropomorphic characters designed by famed artist Jed Henry, will challenge gamers to the fight of their lives when developer Hi-Tops and publisher Cleaversoft release their adventure worldwide for iPhones on Feb. 1, 2017, with iPad and Android support coming soon after.


Edo Superstar ups the traditional side-scrolling ante with faster action and a more nimble protagonist with numerous attack options. Slide under punches, uppercut massive foes in slow motion, parry incoming attacks, string together epic combos and unlock even more abilities along the way.  Players control our hero using a gesture-based control scheme that uses intuitive swipes and taps instead of cluttering the screen with virtual buttons


Guide Masaru, an energetic monkey with lofty ambitions to be the most popular fighter in the land, as he battles his way to Edo City and competes in the prestigious Zodiac Tournament. Along the way our hero sharpens his skill and avoids his former ninja clan who hunt him for forsaking their order in his pursuit of fame.


As Masaru defeats his enemies, his fame rises allowing our hero to increase his strength, defense, speed and special stats.  Money collected from bested foes can purchase special items, like stat altering clothes, giving our hero an even greater edge in combat. Performing well in a level will also yield special stars, which upgrades Masaru’s equipment.


“Many gamers have loved my art, combining classic Japanese wood block prints with iconic video game characters, and while I’ve been blessed to make art that has been enjoyed by so many across the world, I never made a game before Edo Superstar,” said Jed Henry, lead artist and co-founder, Hi-Tops “Thanks to the support of an all-star team of former AAA devs helping me, on Feb. 1 you can play it.”


Edo Superstar will cost $1.99 and feature optional microtransactions for in-game currency.