I don’t have to tell you just how excited I am about the idea of a returning Beetlejuice movie! Well, I’m REALLY FREAKING EXCITED! I don’t care how old Michael Keaton is. The guy is hilarious and all you’d have to do is bring on Ve Neill to do his makeup again. Maybe just make it a lot more gross for today!

Apparently, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer and Dark Shadows writer, Seth-Garaham Smith, has tackled the script and may just be finished with it. Today, he posted on Twitter a picture of a Beetlejuice figure in front of a blurry computer screen with the tag “It’s Showtime…”

Beetlejuice 2 screenplay

Is the figure in front of a finished screenplay? I can only hope! I also hope that Tim Burton goes as dark and zany as fans would want with this movie, because really, why shouldn’t he? I’ve always felt that Beetlejuice is one of the most original ideas EVER to come out of Hollywood. A ghost that exorcises the living!? I can only imagine how that pitch went! Whatever, they made it!

We’ll keep you posted as more Beetlejuice 2 news comes here to DFAT!