When we first heard that Tim Burton wanted to return to direct a sequel to Beetlejuice, I had a mini heart attack. One of my favorite films from the 80s would be making it’s return to cinema almost 30 years later! While on a Press Junket for Burton’s newest film, i, the director sat down with MTV and spoke about the Ghost with the Most.

Looks like Burton is as keen on the return of Lydia Deetz as we are. I would love to see Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Burton all back together for some ‘human exorcising’ fun. I really hope everything comes together for this film, as it seems that Burton is really wanting it to.

As more Beetlejuice sequel news comes, we’ll be sure to keep you posted at DFAT! Make sure to sound off in the comments if you’re as excited as I am!