Look out Alan Moore! DC Comics is firing up the Watchmen engines again! Before Watchmen: Moloch, will be a two issue series featuring Watchmen “nemesis” Moloch the Mystic. The series will  be penned by J. Michael Straczynski and pencils by Eduardo Risso, this will be JMS’s 2nd Watchmen book, he is currently currently involved with the Nite Owl miniseries with Andy Kubert and the late Joe Kubert. Here’s a quick interview with JMS from Comic Book Resources:

“If you step back and just look at his story, it’s a real tragedy, in a way the most tragic of all of the characters. He started out in great difficulty, turned to crime, was sent to prison repeatedly, found religion, converted to Catholicism, and came out of prison determined to lead a changed life. It was a new beginning, a fresh start…and what happens? He falls prey to Ozymandias’ plans and becomes one of the first sacrificial lambs to that slaughter. How is that not a compelling story worth telling? Most of what we know from the material in the first book is expressed in narrative, in bits and pieces in “Under the Hood” and elsewhere — we don’t actually see any of it, and thus we don’t understand the why of the what. Yes, we know he went through all these changes, but what prompted it? How did it happen and what did it mean? I wanted to give his history the same serious treatment we were giving to all the heroic characters. A character is stretched too thin when you can’t tell any more good stories about them, and with the Watchmen characters, we’ve barely scratched the surface, even though I kinda doubt they’re going to go back to the well on this again too often or too soon.”


Look for the two-part series coming in November and December from DC Comics!