Sometimes the weather or other conditions prevent you from truly experiencing the great outdoors. But when you are stuck on the couch the right video game can take the edge off. The American experience is synonymous with the great outdoors. The Outdoor Foundation reports that nearly half of Americans participated in outdoor activities in 2012.

When the outdoors are uninviting, here are a few video games that can take the edge off:


The game “theHunter” is a unique title in the world of outdoor video games, essentially serving as a hunting MMORPG. Players in “theHunter” can band together in teams to explore eight different virtual outdoor reserves or compete competitively to bag big game. Players can also venture off on their own and put their hunting and tracking skills to the test against both the wildlife and the unforgiving wilderness. Another great aspect of “theHunter” is that despite being released in 2009 the game still has an active community and support, with community events and leaderboard competitions regularly occurring year-round. Updates are frequent and include new game and territories to explore. Up to eight players can participate in any instance of a hunting reserve and the community surrounding “theHunter” continues to swell to this day.

Deer Hunter 2014

Android smartphone hunting games are a dime a dozen, but “Deer Hunter 2014” stands out from the crowd with some of the best features to be found in any hunting game. “Deer Hunter 2014” combines first-person shooter gameplay with hunting and tracking gameplay to create an experience unrivaled in smartphone outdoor-themed games. With fast-paced, mission-based gameplay across environments ranging from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to the savannahs of Africa, “Deer Hunter 2014” is an engaging and fun title. While the game focuses on its namesake, hunting deer, players must outwit and survive in the face of wolves and other predators.

One of the franchises claims to fame is the variety of in-game customization that it offers. Players can customize their firearms and hunting tools with a variety of stocks, accessories, barrels and scopes to create the rifle that is perfect for their situation. Those with familiarity with actual hunting practices will inevitably climb the ranks of the competition and practicing with sites like the HunterCourse virtual shooting range will help to increase your accuracy. With leaderboards and achievements to track, “Deer Hunter 2014” is all the fun of console hunting games right in the palm of your hand.

Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts

Cabela’s “Big Game Hunter” franchise has brought the best of authentic hunting simulation to the home, and “Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts” is a continuation of that proud tradition. Bigger than previous games in the franchise by more than 400 percent, “Pro Hunts” also offers new ways for players to track and capture their prey. Moving from one area to another often requires players to compete challenges and track and bag a special and unique creature using tactics and tricks that will make them better virtual hunters.

The regions available are divided into four regions of the Americas; Southwest, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast. Players also get help from real-life hunting professionals such as Jim Shockey and Wade Middleton. Cabela’s “Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts” is one of the biggest hunting titles on the market and brings the Cabela’s name to video games in classic style. A must-have title for outdoor enthusiasts who play video games.