The Game Awards had their annual ceremony this past weekend, and unlike previous installments, it actually was good. Hahahaha, just kidding. It was on par with the ones on Spike TV, but there was some pretty cool stuff that I’ve illustrated below.

They did showcase some pretty fantastic games, without completely selling out to a title like Destiny. They also unveiled trailers for upcoming stuff, and even honored the creators of Sierra OnlineRoberta and Ken Williams. When Sierra teased that they were coming back, I had no idea it would be for the game that’s put below. Check out the highlights after the jump.


First up, is the trailer for No Man’s Sky. The science fiction adventure continues to look impressive

I”m not a huge fan of shooting actual humans in games, I tend to lean towards blowing away aliens and monsters; but The Order 1886 looks pretty impressive.

The Fullbright Company showed off it’s newest science fiction game, Tacoma. I’m not quite sure what to think about it, but that’s what a teaser does, it teases.

We all know that we’re getting a new Metal Gear game coming soon, but there’s been a hint that we’d also be getting a new online multiplayer game. Looks like the question of ‘What’s Metal Gear Online?” has been answered, as it’s the multiplayer component of Metal Gear V.

There hasn’t been much in the realm of Caveman video games since Hudson’s Adventure Island. Before is looking to change all that with it’s new strategy game that reveals it’s first footage below.

In a collaboration between Sierra and indie studio, The Odd Gentlemen, we see the return of King’s Quest. The series was one of my favorites early on when I was a kid, and the new game looks pretty impressive. I can’t wait to check it out next Fall!

Finally, we saved the best for last as we get footage of gameplay from the upcoming open-world Zelda game. The game looks like it mixes the classic Nintendo series with elements of Red Dead Redemption. It’s completely epic in it’s scope and I think I may have finally found a reason to pick up a Wii U.

The Winners of the Awards are below:

Game of the Year: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best performance: Trey Parker, South Park: The Stick of Truth

Best online experience: Destiny

Best score: Destiny

Trending Gamer: Total Biscuit

Composition Award: Martin O’Donnell

Best mobile game: Hearthstone

Best fighting game: Smash Bros Wii 

Industry Icon: Roberta and Ken Williams

Developer of the year: Nintendo

Best eSports: Matthew ‘NaDeSHoT’ Haag

Best sports or racing game: Mario Kart

Best Remaster: GTA V

Best shooter: Far Cry 

Game for change: Valiant Hearts

Best narrative: Valiant Hearts

Best action game: Shadow of Mordor

Best Indie Game: Shovel Knight

What do you think of the Winners of the night? Do you think they deserve the accolades? Anything you’d do differently? Sound of in the comments!