In a rather expected move, Bethesda, has announced its plans for its second piece of paid DLC, Hearthfire. Whats unexpected about this, and slighty disconcerting, is the content itself. In essence, Hearthfire gives you the ability to buy land, build houses, obtain stewards,and adopt children. That’s right, you can ask random orphans on the street to come live in your house, slightly creepy no? Check out the trailer below to see all the wonderful things you can do with your house, because taking care of small children and looking after a household sounds much more fun than slaying dragons! For a game as epic as Skyrim, this is just lame, and the trailer is possibly one of the worst trailers for anything, ever.

Hearthfire will only be available on Xbox360 at first, and will be released on September 4th for 400 Microsoft points.

~The Ox