Beware the Batman Reckoning 01Last week Ra’s Al Ghul went to Blackgate to recruit some of the foes that Batman had locked away this season to help him take down the Bat. Offering a section of Gotham to the one who succeeded, this reminded me a lot of the Arkham games, specifically Arkham City.

Of course villains can never truly get along or work things out so they just end up fighting each other. Batman uses his wits to cause this to happen. Looking at this motley crew, it really impresses me that they introduced this stable to the viewers. Even I hadn’t heard of half of the bad guys used in this series.

In discussion with my wife, she is a casual viewer, she did bring up a good point that perhaps it was too obscure for the viewership, and that familiarity is important when it comes to watching these types of shows. I myself am still baffled on why the show was canceled, especially after watching this past arc, though I can see that it wouldn’t really appeal to a wide range of people. Violent and adult themed this show is, so if you have kids I wouldn’t recommend you plop them Beware the Batman Reckoning 02down in front of this show for casual viewing.

Tobias Whale, the eccentric crime boss, confronts Batman in an alley and suggests the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” deal, he doesn’t want to share Gotham with Ra’s! So he takes in Batman. Meanwhile Ra’s is still trying to convince Katana to kill Alfred and take revenge for her father’s death. Though angry, she seems to be torn on the subject. I mean can you really trust a megalomaniac?!

But when she is given the chance to take out Alfred, he tells her the truth of that fateful day. Katana’s father actually let go of the sword during the struggle and allowed his soul to be taken, giving Alfred the chance to escape!
Tobias brings in Batman, he of course betrays him. No surprise there. Batman knew this all along and takes out Tobias. Ra’s reminds him of their last battle and that Batman has no hope to win. But Batman isn’t interested in winning, he just has to buy Barbara Gordon enough time to hack the Cortex.

She does and this gives Batman, who is taking quite a beating, time to get the sword and use it. But he uses it in reverse and releases all of the souls who then take Ra’s into the abyss! Katana’s father is free and we’ve reached a happy ending.
So here’s my question, what’s next? From what I’ve heard some familiar faces are set to appear in Gotham. So here’s hoping we get to see some of Batman’s more well known rogues make an appearance!