Violence is consuming old Gotham but don’t worry citizens there’s a hero in the shadows to protect you, and it’s not Batman. The episode starts off with a store robbery and some punks who seem to have gotten their hands on some advanced technology. They are soon stopped by a monstrous figure who is soon dubbed the “Golem”. During an interview Harvey Dent, who is still anti-Bats, tells the public that Batman is involved with all of this and he will be brought to justice.

Batman and Katana are training in the Batcave, Katana accuses him of being the Golem. She is worried about her friend because all he does lately is go out on patrol, spending more time as the Dark Knight and less as Bruce Wayne. Batman assures her that he is not the Golem, but insists that they investigate the occurrences. Alfred still has not returned.

Beware the Batman monsters 03Upon arrival in Old Gotham, Batman laments that he has not spent enough time protecting this part of the city, as it has fallen into ruin. Katana tries to tell her partner that he has been doing the best that he can, but suddenly they here a scream. They go to investigate, when suddenly a man is thrown through a window! The lady who screams tells them that a monster had protected them all from this guy who was trying to rob the diner they were in. They pursue the Golem around the corner, into CRIME ALLEY! Batman quickly realizes where they are and there is a flashback to the death of his parents. Now we understand why he has such a connection to this area of the city and is so down on himself.

After a short pursuit the Golem is able to escape, mostly due to the arrival of Batman’s best friend Harvey Dent and the GCPD. Batman and Katana retreat with the armored suit that the thug had been wearing. They return to the Batcave to analyze it. During his tests, Batman tells her the story of the Golem throughout history. When the tests are done he comes to the conclusion that it is made out of a military grade material and would be VERY expensive to produce, so they are looking for someone with a lot of money. Katana checks the database and confirms that all of the attacks have happened in Old Gotham, so Batman looks into new construction in that part of town. Batman realizes what’s been happening and the duo return to Old Gotham.

Batman recognized one the names of the tenants in the high-rises to be Sapphire Stagg, who if you remember back to episode “Toxic” was the girlfriend of Rex Mason. When her father Simon Stagg, a billionaire industrialist, found out about the relationship he trapped Rex inside one the labs and exposed him to toxins! But the result was not what Stagg had intended and Mason survived, but he wasn’t human anymore. Mason now had the ability to change his body into any element. Things are definitely starting to makes sense now, right detectives? I guessed it was him from the beginning of the episode, the minute I saw the shape of the creature. So Batman and Katana run into Rex of course, as he has been keeping an eye on his old girlfriend, from a distance. Batman is convinced that Simon still has his hands in all of this, even from his cell at Blackgate Prison. So Bats pays the scumbag a visit. Simon of course claims no responsibility for it, saying that it is too high tech for his standards, and gloats to him that he has been out-maneuvered.

The three heroes team up and they once again find a new group of armored thugs to take down. Beware the Batman monsters 02This time around there is a new suit of armor that has been deployed due to the involvement of the Golem. New tactics are always needed I guess. The GCPD arrives as well and the battle starts! It’s never easy for the heroes when they have to protect themselves from the police and fight the bad guys at the same time. Eventually they take down the bad guys and escape. Mason decides that he will continue to use his powers for good and Batman gives him the name Metamorpho, after the experiment that “created” him. Looks like Old Gotham will have another set of eyes on it. The name “Outsiders” is also brought up, which is the team The Outsiders from the comic books that was made up of Batman, Katana, Metamorpho, and more. Again one of the many reasons why I love this show due to its references that most other Batman shows do not make, well besides the AWESOME The Brave and the Bold.

We find out who was behind the attacks on Old Gotham, and it wasn’t Simon Stagg, but rather his daughter Sapphire! Sapphire for some reason has turned to a life of crime. She then notices the image of the Golem on the TV and recognizes him as Rex, Batman quickly tells her that Rex is dead and because of that her father is in prison, and if she continues her current path so will she.

In Harvey Dent’s office, Anarky comes to visit. At first Dent is afraid but then the villain offers him a deal to take down the Batman. Will Dent decide to “team-up” with this baddie just to take down Batman? Toon in next week!

The Outsiders DC Comics

Cover for Outsiders vol. 4, #15. Art by Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott.