I think this may have been one of my favorite episodes of Beware the Batman to date. It starts off with Katana and Batman waking up in a strange room. Beware the Batman GamesThey have been captured, but they are not alone! Also with them are Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Grange, and Tobias Whale. It turns out that Humpty Dumpty has abducted them but for what reason?! What I love about this show, and the reason it ultimately got cancelled, is that it is very mature. They are not afraid to explore themes like death and murder, but at the same time these are not things that you can expect to be appropriate for kids.

Whatever. This episode had a very Saw feel to it, as Humpty throws riddles and challenges at our heroes (and villain). Together they are all trapped in some kind of death-trap house that they all must work together to get out of. BUT first they must play Humpty’s game if they are to survive. He presents them with a mannequin dressed as a sailor, who Humpty tells them they all had a hand in his death. Each situation that they face is in turn represented by a tarot card and it is up to them all to figure out how each card plays into the challenge and which one of them represents each card.

Batman being the “world’s greatest” detective is all over this and he quickly solves riddle after riddle. Beware the batman games 01There is one point in the show where Katana questions his decision and this sets off a domino effect that will probably lead into the next few episodes. Especially when Batman basically tells her she is no longer welcome at his side. Damn. I really suggest that you watch this episode because it is too tough to really recap what happens in each challenge, it’s more fun to watch.

Turns out that they are all linked to a man named Ernie, who is a small time arms dealer. Each person had a link to why and how Ernie ended up taking the fall for the actions that each of the “guilty” party took. Of course Humpty is a crazy villain so he doesn’t really look at the fact that most of the party was not involved in a negative way, well all except Whale. Who in the end gets arrest and is returned to Blackgate. That’s what happens when you violate your probation, and your bail is revoked.

The biggest thing that happened here is what I talked about before, the situation between Batman and Katana. What is happening to Batman? Is he falling further into the psyche of the Bat? The thing about Batman that I have always recognized is that there really isn’t a Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne is the mask. I think people tend to forget this, and Katana is only learning that Batman doesn’t really have any humanity. He has a mission and his mission comes first. I bet Katana can’t wait for Alfred to get back!