Cartoon Network sure has a problem keeping it’s more “mature” DC cartoons on the air for very long (nothing against the wonderfully funny Teen Titans Go! of course). After Green Lantern and Young Justice were canceled, I wasn’t very happy. Then they started to run a new Batman series, Beware the Batman. I was hesitant at first about especially since I haven’t been a big fan of the outings since the original animated series. But Beware the Batman grew on me and I really got into the show, so much so I was writing recaps on the series every week! Then it disappeared. Many speculated that it was gone forever, but we were told that it would return. Next the show was released on Blu-ray with never before seen episodes, again people were convinced that it was gone forever. But now we have word that the show will return on July 27th with unaired episodes!

Beware the BatmanThe problem here? Cartoon Network is treating it like dirty laundry and airing the episodes at 3am during their Toonami block. We will get the final 15 episodes, including the two that were part of the DVD release. If you want to catch up on the series you can toon in starting May 11th. Set your DVRs people because there’s no point staying up that late! You can always catch my recaps here on DFAT!