Stop right now if you don’t want to wander into some major spoilage! Another solid episode this week, actually this was probably my favorite so far.  Anarchy returns, the good thing, he is a little less annoying this time and definitely less “Jokerish”, which is good when you want to establish an important character into a show. His antics are even a little similar to what I have seen of the upcoming video game representation of the character in Arkham Origins.

beware-the-batman-sacrifice 1


Well Anarky decides that he is going to have some fun with the League of Assassins, apparently he’s either extremely bored or suicidal. Anarky steals a cargo box that is of high value to the LOA and bribes them with it. Anarky strikes a deal with Lady Shiva, she must break into the CDC and steal a contagion and return it to him. This contagion is located at the deepest part of the underground facility which is also wired to blow up if one of the deadly contagions got out! Which of course it does when Batman and Katana show up and the fighting ensues.

beware-the-batman-sacrifice 2

Going for the steal, one of her ninjas ends up with a faceful of the nasty stuff and suddenly is mutating into giant hulk-like beings! Anarky of course chimes in a lets everyone know that they are infected with the disease! The facility goes into major lockdown and Gordon and some annoying chick are arguing telling the mayor what to do, about giving Batman enough time to stop the spread of the disease or blow it up! Batman and Katana spare Shiva’s life and take her prisoner as the trio have to make their way through each containment door! Batman has to hack each terminal and get the group through before the mutant ninjas break through to their side! Katana realizes that the ninjas will catch them, and after some harsh words from Shiva, decides to prove that she is self-less and lures the beasts away from her companions. This is one of the allusions of the title of the episode, Sacrifice. The first was at the beginning of the episode when Batman allows criminals to get away in order to save people. It’s always for the greater good is the lesson that he is passing on to Katana. Always the mentor.


In the end Batman saves Katana by going back in for her, Lady Shiva gets away. But the funny thing is that Anarky returns the LOA’s precious cargo, undamaged, and as we got a glimpse of a body earlier in the episode, it is confirmed that it is the body of Ra’s Al Ghul! We get our first look at the big bad of the show and one of my favorite Bat-villains of all time. He of course is dead, and we will be seeing the Lazarous Pit soon enough. I think this was a really interesting way to introduce the character on the show and it actually surprised me earlier in the episode when Anarky calls Lady Shiva to bargain. I am really excited to see where next week takes us!

Stay tooned 😛



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