Beware the Batman may be one of the most intelligent depictions of the Batman that has ever been on TV or in movie theaters, and that’s why I look forward to watching this show every week. But I’ll get back to this topic after I sum up what happened this week! Professor Pyg and his companion Mr. Toad have returned to Gotham to wreck more havoc upon its good citizens and its up to Batman and his new partner Katana to stop them!

Beware the Batman Instinct 1

It’s Fashion Week in Gotham City and Prof Pyg and Mr Toad are on a murderous spree! Being animal rights activists and Eco-terrorists, the deadly duo is not so happy about the use of animals in the making of these expensive garments and the villains are ready to make the people involved pay! Batman and Katana must work hard to figure out Prof Pyg’s nursery rhyme clues to find out who the next victim on the list is.

Beware the Batman Instinct 3

The main theme of this episode is trusting your own instincts. One of my favorite scenes in the show was when Bruce Wayne and Tatsu are out to dinner, which is really a training session in disguise. Tatsu of course wants to enjoy herself but Bruce makes it obvious that this is not the reason they are there. Bruce wants Tatsu to realize that crime is all around them and that she must train herself to recognize this. How does he see all of this, how is he that well-trained?! Well, when Batman is able to solve a mystery quicker than the Bat-computer this scene does  a great job showing off  how smart this guy really is! Remember Batman is considered a Meta-human due to his intelligence! BTB depicts Batman’s skills and smarts the correct way, something most interpretations either leave out or don’t even bother with, and this is why the show has easily become one of my favorite Batman adventures. Batman is the world’s greatest detective and don’t ever forget it!

Beware the Batman Instinct 2

The twist at the end is really interesting and actually ties very well into one that aired a couple of weeks ago, I won’t spoil it for you! Great storytelling and fluid animated action is why I come back to this show week after week!

Stay tooned 😛