After my rave review for the premiere episode of Beware the Batman, did the show come out strong on it’s second week? Yes it did. Keeping strong with the “secret agent” theme, “Secrets” are afoot in BTB. This episode is a “Commissioner” Gordon story. First off, we get introduced to the character of Jim Gordon on such a personal front. A breakfast with his daughter Barbara. Babs and her father are debating if Batman is good or not, she of course being on the Dark Knight’s side. Well at least we know that we’ll be seeing Batgirl at some point!

Barbara Gordon Beware the Batman

I like that this story is taking place as Gordon and Batman are developing their relationship.

What I really like about this show is the perfect balance of Bruce Wayne and Batman. In the episode, when the villain, Magpie, says “nice costume” and Bats replies, “how do you know its a costume?”, is just a friendly reminder that Batman is and always will be the dominant consciousness. So Batman is making a name for himself in the criminal underground. In this episode he faces off against a seemingly indestructible sexy foe, named Magpie. Magpie is an efficient fighter and a match for the Batman.She also seems to have a fetish for shiny things, even obsessing over Batman’s utility belt. I couldn’t help noticing how much Magpie reminded me of Catwoman.

Beware the Batman and Katana

So the real meaning behind the episode, “Secrets”, has to do with The Batman’s secret identity and playing a game with his new bodyguard. We will see how long it takes for young Katana to find out. Alfred is also hiding his own secrets. It is revealed that his ties to Katana are more than previously suggested, she is in fact his god-daughter, and Alfred and Katana’s father used to be partners. The Alfred plot thickens! Over all I really liked the episode, I feel that when the show does action, its smooth and exciting. This show also continues to be intelligent as we go along for a ride, as Batman solves the mystery with his detective skills. Another strong outing for Beware the Batman! I can’t wait to see what villains pop up next!

Stay tooned 😛


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