Interestingly enough, we ripped off the title of Year One from a Batman story of the same name by Frank Miller. I think that it sounded more geekly than “one year anniversary”. appropriately so on the Monday, the first of Year Two we are on the third episode of DC Comics latest Batman cartoon. Beware the Batman has been impressive thus far and it stays strong in this week’s episode Tests.
This week we see the introduction of Anarky, a classic DC from back in the late 80’s. He became a re-occurring villain in the Robin series. Look for him to play a major role in the upcoming Arkham Origins video game! So Anarky has these goons who are convinced they are artists, and that destruction is art. Kinda a skrewed up philosophy, but good enough to warrant a superhero to take them on, especially when their arsenal get better! Thanks of course to Anarky. What this episode reminded me of is something that could have taken place in the 60’s TV show, crossed with the 90’s animated series. So a bit darker, which is an aspect of Beware the Batman that I appreciate. Anarky was Batman’s even opponent for most of the show, yet when close to being defeated, dramatically getting away only to cause more chaos! I did enjoy the cleverness of the Dark Knight in saving both groups of people, foiling Anarky’s impossible choice! The action scenes continue to be pretty neat to watch, and the style in very smooth. I really enjoy when Batman walks wrapped in the cape, just kinda floating across the screen. Look for it next time you watch the show. Villains have been pretty on-par to Batman’s ability, keeping this show interesting. Also the introduction of these lesser known bad guys is a nice touch. Let’s hope they don’t have to rehash to soon though…

Beware the Batman tests 5

More tests for Katana in this one, probably the most interesting thing about the show so far. Adding positive new aspects to the classic Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth dynamic, and this time it’s not a Robin! Bruce is one secretive guy! If Alfred vouches for her then why wouldn’t he trust her? Unless the writers don’t want us to trust her! She does secretly have the Soultaker Sword after all. Hmmm. Still, Katana is at the mercy of the Batman’s brain! The show will get a lot better when she is suited up and fighting the League of Shadows with Batman! Bring it on, Ra’s!
Stay tooned 😛