Hey Bat-fans sorry I missed last week’s recap, I was on vacation. BUT last week’s episode was a game changer so we have to take a retrospective view. In what was the best episode of the season thus far, Safe gave us the back story to Katana and the recently revealed Soultaker Sword. The League of Assassins take a major step out of the shadows in this one showing off Silver Monkey and revealing that Lady Shiva would be playing a part down the road. She was only a voice in the show. So the League is after brilliant yet awkward scientist Dr Jason Burr, who becomes obsessed with Katanna because she saves his life. Annoying yet effective. The league is after Burr for his invention of a power source that could take care of the entire earth. So Bruce decides to have Katanna protect him at the mansion. Of course the League gets in the highly, and I mean it, secured mansion and Katanna has to protect the good doctor again. But Silver Monkey is there and Katanna is found! Apparently Katanna was involved with the League at some point and stole the Soultaker sword! After Batman shows up, and in a grand way I must say, they kick bad guy butt and the League retreats. Katanna hides the sword in a large vase. What I like about this episode: the first appearance of the League of Assassins, Batman lecturing Katanna on not killing, a new plot device is introduced in the form of the Soul Taker sword. The fight scenes in this one were top notch, as Batman took on ninjas by hand and bike!

Beware Batman Safe Silver Monkey

Come this week, Broken tells the tragic story of the supervillain Humpty Dumpty. We start to see the relationship of Gordon and Batman start to grow, and Ra’s Al Ghul’s name gets thrown around. The Soultaker sword moves right into the spotlight as we now know that the leader of the League of Assassins has a major interest in the sword. Alfred of course finds the hidden sword and Katanna is forced to reveal her secret to him. The story is, Katanna was on a mission for MI-6 to recover the weapon from the League. I’m intrigued to see where the story goes from here and how many League of Assassins characters will be introduced. On the Batman side of things, Humpty Dumpty is after the men, Gordon and a Gangster, who he says made him the way he is today, which a wierd and creepy rendition of the classic character. Humpty uses metal toy soldiers as his weapons, sometimes encasing poor citizens of Gotham in them! It is a strange storyline and it just reiterates how odd the rogue choices for this show are. Humpty fits right in there with Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad. So when will our big bad make his first appearance? I look forward to seeing the battles escalate as more League ninjas come to take on the Batman. The animation continues to impress me, as Batman’s fighting skills are shown off as he breaks bad guys’ bones!



Beware the Batman airs on Cartoon Network Saturdays at 10am Oh and a GREAT Metal Men DC Nation Short premiered this week! Try and catch that if you can! Here’s a tease!



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