Week after week I am impressed by what has become my favorite animated series of the year. Beware the Batman is a great action packed show that tells the story of Bruce Wayne’s early days as the Dark Knight. Seems though this is a popular theme lately for Batman with the latest installment in the Arkham series, Origins, and Zero Year which is being written by Scott Snyder in the ongoing Batman series by DC Comics. So what did this weeks episode, Toxic, add to this growing universe? Read on Towelites!

Beware the Batman Rex Mason


This week on the show we see the introduction of classic character Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho. No stranger to the DC animated or Batman worlds, Metamorpho is one of their more tragic stories. Set to later become a hero as part of the Batman formed team, the Outsiders, Metamorpho was not quite a hero in this one as the show explored his “origin” and backstory. Either way you look at it, Rex Mason’s transfromation into Metamorpho is brought about by his love of Sapphire Stagg and her father’s disapproval of their relationship. You see Simon Stagg believes that his daughter was “bred” for greater, and in this version of the story, security guard Mason is not up to par. So Stagg sets him up to be a test subject of his latest experiement “Project Metamorphosis”. After leading him on a chase of what Mason believes to be a simple break-in at Stagg’s lab, Mason is led in to the lab and is blasted with a gas that would transform him into Metamorpho. After his transformation and a series of battles with Batman, the truth is revealed of what happened to Mason and Stagg is brought to justice, by the law and also in his daughters eyes. We all knew Metamorpho was on the way from the early promos for the show and now we have another great character added to this show’s stable. Again this week both the storytelling and animation impressed me. The CGI animation is perfect to show the fluidity of Metamorpho’s transformations and also make for some awesome fight scenes. This show continues to raise the bar for weekend animation and I hope that it continues strong this season!

Beware the Batman Rex Mason 1

Beware the Batman airs at 10am Saturdays on Cartoon Network!

Stay tooned 😛


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