Beware the Batman has been on break these last couple weeks, but we have definitely been rewarded with a great return episode as we continue the story of the Soultaker sword. As you remember Katana had infiltrated the League of Assassins as part of a CIA sting operation. In the show her “employment” at Wayne manor has been more of a hiding game than anything. But now that Silver Monkey has discovered that she is in possession of the sword, nothing will stop him from coming after it, even on his own.
Beware the Batman family 1
Once again we are graced with some great action scenes, and once Batman joins the fray, after Katana believes Bruce Wayne to be dead, the battle takes it up a notch. No complaint here, normally you get a fluff episode here and there, but I haven’t felt that the story has let up at all since the beginning. Just when it kinda felt like the show was getting a little repetitive this time around, Lady Shiva shows her face and Silver Monkey is in trouble. The rift between the two assassins creates enough of a distraction for Batman to escape his binds, eventually the ninjas take Shiva’s side against Silver Monkey and Bats and Katana are once again taking on all the ninjas.
Lady Shiva Beware the BAtman
This show is definitely not holding back on action or character reveals. I was afraid that Lady Shiva wouldn’t show her face until closer to the end of the season, but maybe that’s when we’ll see Ra’s. the biggest reveal of the show I wont spoil for you, it has a lot to do with the title and also gets me pumped up for next week to see where it takes the story. The introduction of the “Argus Club” is an interesting play on the classic organization who will probably make an appearance down the road, will we see Amanda Waller on both Beware the Batman and Arrow? make it so DC, make it so. Again tight action animation and a compelling storyline is what makes me excited week after week for this show to be on. Catch up if you have a chance, there’s an app for Cartoon Network available. You can even watch Teen Titans Go! A show that has grown on me in a strange, strange way…

Stay tooned 😛