Let’s step away from the League of Assassins plotline for a bit and get down to some good ‘ol bad guy beating! This episodes tests Katana with her new knowledge of Batman and how he wants her to fight alongside him. A lot of things happening in the episode, Barbara Gordon is kidnapped, the Bat Signal makes its first appearance, Tatsu dubs herself Katana and puts on a mask. A scene that had a lot of good humor to it, emphasizing Bruce Wayne’s paranoia of having a partner. So here’s what sets off the episode.

Everything starts off as a simple but major bust of crime lord Tobias Whale. Of course trying to lock someone of his caliber up can lead to some serious consequences. So Whale’s lawyer, gives the terms that Whale is to be released within 4 hours. But just in case Gordon had any second thoughts, Whale has Barbara kidnapped and threatens her life. When Lieutenant Gordon realizes that he can’t do much more, he decides that he must ally himself with the Batman. One.

Beware Batman Allies 01


So what does this lead to? This:

Beware Batman Allies 03

Gordon makes the Batsignal. Though he says its only for this one time, nonetheless its the freakin Batsignal. Gordon kinda goes off the deep end in this one, but can you blame him? Going as far a threatening his position with the GCPD, Gordon busts Whale out and makes him take both of them to Barbara. Of course you know it can’t all be this easy.

Beware Batman Allies 02

So against Bruce’s wishes, but nudged out the door, Katana joins the fray just in time to save Batman from being overwhelmed by the goons in the Cauldron. Welcome to the major *SPOILER* bump in the show, the appearance of a meta! Whale’s lawyer ends up having the power to manipulate fire! After a lengthy battle and some great Batman and Katana teamwork, two, our heroes come out on top and Barbara Gordon is rescued. I think one of my favorite parts of this episode is when Barbara totally geeks out about Batman at the end, plus hinting at Batgirl. So there you have it, overall a great episode and I really liked how they strayed away from the LOA storyline.

Beware Batman Allies 04


Beware the Batman aires Saturday mornings at 10am on Cartoon Network!

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