big ass spiderI think Mike Mendez is a pretty fantastic, yet extremely un-utilized, director. His film, The Convent, is one of my favorite and quotable movies that I own. He followed it up with Gravedancers, which I also really enjoyed. Then, he just kinda vanished. It seems that he’s back in a BIG way, with his newest film, Big Ass Spider! In an homage to Monster Movies of the 50’s, the film centers around a giant spider that takes over Los Angeles and the people tasked to exterminate it.

The film stars: Ray Wise, Greg Grunberg, Lombardo Boyar, and Clare Kramer. Big Ass Spider! just premiered at SXSW, so there isn’t a release date as of yet. Just make sure to keep checking back to DFAT for updates!


big ass spider poster