Tim Burton will forever be making films that are odd to say the least. Even his commercial efforts like Batman, Willy Wonka, and Alice in Wonderland are all slightly off compared to the mainstream. I will forever love that about him, and his newest effort, Big Eyes, looks no different. The film is a biopic on Walter Keane, played by Christoph Waltz, who became famous for his enigmatic paints of waifs with big eyes. Little did the world know, but eventually found out, it was his wife Margaret, played by Amy Adams, who was the true artist the whole time.

Below, is the first trailer from the film, and in the usual Burton flair, it’s a little off and a little brilliant all at the same time.

Here’s the official synopsis for Big Eyes:

Directed and produced by Tim Burton, BIG EYES is based on the true story of Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), who was one of the most successful painters 1950s and early 1960s. The artist  earned staggering notoriety by revolutionizing the commercialization and accessibility of popular art with his enigmatic paintings of waifs with big eyes. The truth would eventually be discovered though: Keane’s were actually not created by him at all, but by his wife, Margaret (Amy Adams). The Keanes, it seemed, had been living a lie that had grown to gigantic proportions. BIG EYES centers on Margaret’s awakening as an artist, the phenomenal success of her paintings, and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, who was catapulted to international fame while taking credit for her work.

Big Eyes is due out on Christmas Day. It also stars: Krysten Ritter, Terrence Stamp, Jason Schwartzman, and Danny Huston.