When we first learned of the Marvel and Disney mashup for Big Hero 6 we knew it was going to be good. It would have all of the fantastic heart and story of a Disney film, mixed with the action and adventure of a Marvel comic. At New York Comic Con, the creators of the film showed me something even more than what I was anticipating. They showed off clips of a film big hero 6 new york comic con panelthat’s going to be an amazing blend of animation, hilarious characters, and a instant classic.

The panel started off with Chris Hardwicke introducing the creators of Big Hiro 6: Don Hall and Chris Williams and producer, Roy Conli. They spoke about how much of a dream come true it was to create the movie, being comic book fans and fans of Disney animation. After that, voice actors in the film: TJ Miller (Fred), Jamie Cheung (Go Go Tomago), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), Ryan Potter (Hiro) and Scott Adsit (Baymax) came out and joined the panel.

They bantered back and forth about the project and how much of a fun/weird/thrilling experience it was to have worked on a project a year and a half ago, and finally were able to see it for the first time just a few days ago. They would go into a recording booth and do a line 50-60 times in a row, not knowing which take Disney would put in the final film. Adsit was extremely heartfelt about playing Baymax and a little intimidated that he’ll be a lovable icon for years to come. After that, they revealed the clips!

Clip #1

  • The first clip is a bit of an introduction to our characters.
  • Hiro meets his brother, Tadashi, at the science lab he works at and is introduced to Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Go Go, and Fred.
  • The characters all are classic Disney, hilarious and instantly likable.
  • Wasabi is working on a laser cutter and throws an apple into the air, which then comes down sliced up in hundreds of pieces
  • Honey Lemon is working on a giant ball that gets painted pink and when touched, it explodes into a puff of pink dust
  • Fred is more there just to be funny and explains that he’s the schools mascot and one day hopes to take the lizard costume that he wears and have it turned into a giant monster. For science
  • Go Go is tough, but sweet. She is pretty much EXACTLY like Collete in Ratatouille. Even down to the way she looks. It was kinda a waste on Disney’s part if I have to be completely honest.
  • Finally, Tadashi introduces to what he’s working on, Baymax, a healthcare companion. Baymax inflates out of his charging station and meets Hiro. He tells them to “describe his level of pain” and that he will “scan him now”

Clip #2

  • This was an extended clip of the one we see in the trailer.
  • Hiro is trying to sneak Baymax past his Aunt Cass (Maya Rudolph) into the house
  • Baymax is low on battery and it’s the equivalent of him being drunk
  • Aunt Cass is cooking up food and is kind of oblivious to all of the sounds that Baymax is making, and Hiro claims that a noise that’s made upstairs is their cat.
  • The cat is revealed to be right under Hiro’s feet, and before his Aunt can notice, he throws the cat upstairs
  • Finally getting away from his Aunt, he comes upstairs and sees Baymax petting the cat and calling it a “hairy baby”

Clip #3

  • Hiro is trying to upgrade the lovable Baymax from being a health care helper, to a fighting robot
  • He downloads a clip of an old man fighting a bunch of ninjas and puts them on a disk
  • Going over to Baymax, he hits a button on his chest and out pops another disk in a slot
  • It has his brother Tadashi’s hand writing on it and there is a sad moment. I believe that the man in the Kabuki mask killed his brother, but it’s not revealed
  • Hiro puts in his fighting disk into Baymax’s open slot and the robot downloads the program.
  • There’s a sweet montage of Baymax recreating the old man’s fighting moves and breaking various things that Hiro puts in front of him
  • Hiro designs armor for the robot as well, but it’s a greenish armor and an older version from the Red/Purple armor we’ve seen in the trailers
  • Baymax’s stomach is still protruding at the end and he asks why he needs armor to be a health aid

Clip #4

  • We finally see some of the action from the film
  • The main in the Kabuki mask is chasing the characters throughout the streets of San Fransokyo
  • The city looks amazing as the characters race through it in a tiny car to avoid the villain
  • As Wasabi drives, he keeps stopping at stop signs and putting on his turning signal
  • Fred makes jokes about how scary it is, but how much fun he is having
  • Go Go finally can’t take Wasabi’s bad driving anymore and pushes him out of the seat
  • You see her drive like a madwoman whose had Nascar-level racing experience

Sizzle Reel – a mashup of the trailers with the clips and a bit more footage in there as well.

Disney really pulled out all of the stops for this film. The clips were a ton of a fun and you really get the sense that the filmmakers wanted to not only make an amazing Disney film, but were keeping Marvel in mind as well with the action and settings. Panel attendees were also treated to a NYCC exclusive poster from the film and some attendees even were lucky enough to receive a bracelet that let them see the movie for free later that night.