Bill & Ted 3 has been in development for almost twenty years. Stars: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been working on the script, teasing here and there on it’s status. Finally, we get a more definitive answer that it’s on it’s way. In a recent interview with Vocativ, Winter talked about where Bill & Ted 3 is.

[box_light]”….We’re working on it. We have a script that we think is great and worth making. In the last few weeks we connected with one of the producers from the first two films, and we’re all putting money together to go and get it made. But it’s been a long haul to get it here and get the script right.”[/box_light]

Reeves also had an interview, talking about why he thinks people still care about these two characters.


“They’re fools in a classic storytelling sense, and I think it goes back to that hopeful lifeforce that is contagious. You root for them. And I think that turns into affection.”

He added of the sequel they’re working on, “If we bring in the idea of mortality – the fools coming up to mortality I think that is relevant.”


Well let’s hope that we finally see an Official Press Release in the near future. I love that Winter and Reeves are so adamant about these characters coming back to the big screen. You have to rally around people so passionate, and makes Reeves comments about their life-force contagious. We’ll keep you posted as more Bill & Ted news comes to DFAT!