Bioshock was one of those rare first player shooters that got me sucked into the story as well as the action. You had the ability to freeze people, shoot fire, and move things with your mind. Plus, the idea of visiting a world completely underwater as huge mechanical creatures tried to kill you with young ghost-like girls following in tow really appealed to my horror sensibilities.

For a while, their was going to be a Hollywood film based off the popular franchise. Gore Verbinski was slated to direct and we were all going to joyously spend our money. Then, nothing happened with it. The budget became too out of control and all that remains is the concept art seen below.

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These images come via an online portfolio from concept artist Kasra Farahani. She has previously done works on both Thor and Star Trek Into Darkness. I personally think that the images convey the tone of the game, but I could see this going the route of being heavily laden with CGI; so maybe it’s good that the film was scrapped. Now, if we ever see a practical effects Big Daddy, I’m all in.