I was recently given the opportunity to read Blaze by Jason Woodham. It is a somewhat sci-fi, somewhat superhero origin story, somewhat dystopian type story focusing around the main character Harold Knight and the small village of Foxx Hole that he lives in. Foxx Hole is run by the High-Born, specifically Colonel Foxx, who teaches them at weekly town meetings how the High-Born saved the human race from extinction.

Harold is just a normal, sweet and laid back kind of guy who’s job it is to plow fields and help take care of his two little cousins. Until one day something terrible happens, and without any warning he develops powers way beyond his understanding. As he learns to use and control his powers he realizes that he was meant for more than just farming. When Colonel Foxx shows his true colors, Harold realizes that it’s up to him to save his town.

All in all I thought this book was good. The characters are the best part. You will really love Harold, and everyone else, especially the kids. The plot is great. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m trying to keep this as vague as possible, but I do really like where he took the story. I did have some issues with the battle scenes being a little long and confusing, but maybe that was just me. I mean, what is a dystpian superhero book without battle scenes, right?

If you’re interested in reading this book you can check it out at www.blazingknight.com. He does have a live action trailer you can view, and you’re able to order the book directly from the website.

I would like to thank Jason tremendously for sending me a signed copy of his book and trusting me to take on the review for him. Keep it up Jason! I can’t wait to see what Harold/Blaze does next.