Blurred City Lights – Anamorphic

Blurred City Lights have just released a new full length album, Anamorphic. It’s the full length follow up to their 2013 EP release called Neon Lights. BCL features Dean Garcia and Jarek Leskiewicz, along with Rose Berlin (of SPC-ECO (who we reviewed not too long ago) with Dean Garcia) and Russell Keeble.
The music is a bit gothie, a bit trippy and pretty mellow. I could totally see influences from early 90’s Goth Industrial types like NIN and Massive Attack along with many others in that genre. In fact, a few of the songs felt like they could have been on The Crow Soundtrack. It’s something that I would listen to while getting ready to go out to City Club (Detroit’s finest Goth club.)

Blurred City Lights – Anamorphic- Who are these Blurred City Lights people then and what do they want ?BCL areJarekLeskiewicz and Dean Garcia, both are multi instrumentalists, producers,recordists and composers. Both are vocalists and lyricists. Both have a lot of previous musical history working with a broad and diversecross section of alternative artists and bands that are either verywell known or not. Both are absorbed and fascinated with the art of sound recording. Both want to remind you that life without music is a mistake.Anamorphic is the full-length follow up to the Neon Lights EP that was released to high acclaim in 2013. This multi faceted BCL debut album comes at you with a sense of purpose to be enjoyed and cherished by those who discover it.From previous reviews:

“A beauty and delicacy that is imaginative and moving. A cross between Massive Attack and Pink Floyd” – Right Chord Music
“Low lit nocturnal sonic textures with a subterrannic statuesque un-worldliness that’s spirited in Curve like spectres and shimmered to recall the likes of My Jealous God and the Paris Angels.” – God Is In The TV
“Dark, stark… well, I suppose you’d call it trip-hop, or is it psych-indie, or synth-delica, or…….” – Back Seat Mafia

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I liked this album, there’s some really catchy songs, but to be honest I wish it would have picked up a little bit. There’s no upbeat/ faster songs, it’s all really mellow, good for a rainy day or if you’re having an emo moment.
All in all I would give this album 3 out of 5 towels. I would listen to it again, but only if I’m in the right mood for it.