At this point if you’re being smart you are staying home. At times it can be pretty boring if you aren’t good at entertaining yourself. Thankfully the good peops over at Endless Games have you covered. Check out the line up of games you can play with the family! REMEMBER, board games, NOT BORED GAMES!!!

Board Games Emerge as Top Stay-At-Home Family Entertainment

Board Games. Not Bored Games

Matawan, NJ – (March 2020) – Becoming a resource to the world, game companies are emerging as the most affordable, home entertainment option for families. Endless Games is one of those companies offering game options for children, adults and multi-generational game play. If you’re looking to roll the dice on some new options, look to the new generation of board game makers.

From party games such as AKA and Name 5 and trivia style games like Everybody Knows and Horror Trivia, to kids games like The Floor is Lava and Traffic Cop and home versions of popular TV game shows, Jeopardy!, Jeopardy! Junior, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fortune Junior and Password, Endless Games is providing hours and hours of good times and fond family memories as a distraction to the world circumstances.

These newer style games have everyone playing at the same time. No more waiting for your turn or boring exchanges. Some games are physically active, some are mentally active, and some are just plain silly fun.

About Endless Games: Founded in 1996 by industry veterans Mike Gasser, Kevin McNulty and game inventor Brian Turtle, Endless Games specializes in games that offer classic entertainment and hours of fun at affordable prices. The three have an uncanny ability for discovering and developing hit games, having been a part in past successes Trivial Pursuit™, Pictionary® and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon™. The mission of Endless Games is to produce high quality entertainment in board games that are quick and easy to learn but offer “Endless” play value. For additional information, visit