One of the best aspects of Disney acquiring the Star Wars license is the chance, well most likely the fact, that we will see some spin-off movies in the near future. Not sticking to the traditional mold of “Episodic” movies would be really great and more than welcome in my book. Rumors have swirled about there being movies about Yoda, Obi Wan, Han Solo, and  a few others, but the one character that I really want to see addressed is Boba Fett. This Mandalorian bounty hunter met his “demise” at the end of Return of the Jedi, and was featured in the prequels (which I don’t really talk about that often), and he is about due for a proper return to the silver screen. I really didn’t like the back story that he got in Attack of the Clones, I liked Jango Fett enough as he was probably one of the best things about those films, but Lucas really didn’t sell me on it. Well Fett fans, during an AMC Movie Talk session director Jon Schnepp (The ABC’s of Death) said the following during a conversation about the spin-off films and had this to say about Boba Fett gettin his own film:

“I know they haven’t announced it, but one of them is Boba Fett….I know. I know for a fact….Sorry, I will never reveal my source, but it is the one written by Lawrence Kasdan.”

The mere fact that Lawrence Kasdan’s, who penned The Empire Strikes Back, name is mentioned gives me a Geekgasm! Why there wouldn’t eventually be a movie about Boba Fett is beyond me, he is one of the MOST popular characters in the Star Wars mythos and how awesome would a movie about the underworld of the Star Wars universe be! The first Star Wars spin-off film is most likely going to hit theaters in 2016, but as we all know and have experienced Disney isn’t all about letting the public in on details on their Star Wars projects, seeing that we haven’t heard a thing about Episode VII!