Bond, James Bond is due to come back to theaters, but we just don’t know when. Skyfall made the most money out of any 007 movie EVER, so you know that MGM is going to want a sequel and fast. We get news today from MGM CEO Gary Butler stating:

“We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners.  We look forward to developing the script, soon and signing a director.  We are hoping within the next 3 years it will be released.”

I have no doubt that they will find someone as soon as possible. Now, will that someone be as amazing as Sam Mendes? That remains to be seen. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Frank Darabont or a Danny Boyle take over the franchise. Though, Boyle recently had an interview while promoting his new movie, Trance, and stated that he has no desire to direct a Bond.

He added: “It’s not for me. I like working under the radar a bit more, so you can take risks.

“As we do with this film [Trance] and the perception of the characters – who’s the antagonist, who’s the protagonist – it keeps changing in this film. And I love that freedom.”

We’ll keep you posted as more Bond 24 news comes here at DFAT!