Last year, Boom! Studios acquired indie comic publisher, Archaia Entertainment. Since that time, the partnership has only gotten richer. One of the fantastic things that have come from it, is the distribution of Jim Henson properties. Some things are new spins on familiar stories, like Storytellers and Fraggle Rock; which is being written by Kate Leth (Edward Scissorhands). Other creations of Henson, such as Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow and Tale of Sand; are being resurrected out of the archives and put into comic form for a brand new audience.

DFAT was lucky enough to visit the panel and learn about some of the newest Henson acquisitions and plans to get more of his fantastic works out to the world. In attendance was: Leth, Shane-Michael Vidaurri (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches), Matthew Dow Smith (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches) and Henson Company Archivist Karen Falk.

The first thing we learned about was the new Fraggle Rock series entitled ‘Journey to the Everspring.’ It’s the tale of the Fraggles going on the search for water after they run out and coming upon a new species of characters we haven’t seen yet. Kate Leth, writer of the series, spoke about how excited she was to get the job and how her own Mother told her to not “screw it up” because the series is so important to so many people.

Next, we learned about the new Storyteller series, Witches. Shane-Michael Vidaurri spoke about bringing his unique artwork to the series and how its as always great to see when Henson would do something dark, because it was scary yet so fascinating at the same time. Witches will be a four issue miniseries, written by four different writers and artists. Two of the stories were never teleplays and the other two are comic adaptations.

The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow was a planned Holiday film that never came to be. Hensen archivist, Karen Falk, said that Hensen came up with the idea of aliens coming down to Earth that produced individual sounds. When they came together, they made beautiful music. Hensen originally wanted Raymond Scott (Musician whose work was often heard in Looney Tunes) to score the show. Turkey Hollow is also being turned into a comic.

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Jim Hensen’s Tale of Sand is also coming out in a comic-adapted teleplay. Mixing a bit of adventure with Henson’s unique look at the world, it looks like a ton of fun. We were also treated to pictures from the Labyrinth Storyteller book, which will be coming out in a box set later on this year.

It was a pretty great panel, with a lot of good stuff for all of you Henson fans like myself. Make sure you keep your eyes on the Archaia and BOOM! Studios websites for preorders on these items!