One of my favorite games EVER. Borderlands 2 has given me plenty of reasons to spend endless hours roaming the planet of Pandora. The only problem is that I can’t play the game everywhere I go! Well fans we may just be in luck! Look for the game on Playstation Vita sometime in 2014, not much else has been revealed for the title as of yet, but I am hoping that it will allow me to port my PS3 game to the Vita and pick up where I left off. Cross-platforming is becoming more and more popular and with the upcoming PS4 release there has been a lot of talk about how functional the PS Vita will become. Here’s a preview of the game from IGN.



What if Borderlands was a side-scrolling adventure? Well it may just look like this! I would play the crap outta this! Look at the 4-Player Co-op!


Borderlands retro videogame


Stay tooned 😛




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