If I’d known how ridiculous it would be to get into the 2K booth for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, I would have been in that line first thing on Friday. But alas I was stupid and then attempted to get into the line and was met by a kindly enforcer who informed me that the line was closed at 4:30 P.M.
To put that in perspective, that is 1.5 hours before the close of the EXPO Hall. Closed.
But then I remembered I was press and went to their information desk where I happened to encounter the Senior PR guy for 2k and asked if they had any Press Slots open. He said not today, but come find me tomorrow morning and I can try to get you squeezed in. So I did, nearly leaving my husband in my dust as I burst into the convention hall. But friends it was all worth it because I have NEWS for you.
Some fans waited upwards of FOUR HOURS to see the 10 minute demo content from the upcoming release. Pro tip: 2K let cosplayers dressed as their favorite Borderlands characters cut the line, so I got to sit behind Mad Moxxie, a Psycho, and Maya during my preview. There were no pictures and no video allowed, so sorry guys, all you get is my written account.
So how does fighting across low gravity, low atmosphere environments, “butt stomp,” cryoweapons and lasers sound to you guys? Ok, I’m glad we’re all in agreement because we’re going to the moon!

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A good amount of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is happening on Pandora’s moon following the events of the first Borderlands and setting us up for Borderlands 2. You are on Handsome Jack’s team (yeah, I know, just bear with me) which consists of Athena, Claptrap (yes, the day has arrived where your very life is going to depend on this dude, so be kind and prepare for a full four person co-op of all Claptraps), Wilhelm, and Nisha and the events that shape them into the people that you will come to hate in Borderlands 2.

Gravity and oxygen, or the lack thereof, will be critical and tactical elements to being on Pandora’s moon. Oxygen bubbles will allow players to intensify their fire attacks and gravity will also send you and your enemies flying across the map in style. The oxygen tanks can also be sacrificed to be used as rocket boosters to propel you over gaping chasms or give you an extra boost when jumping.
But let’s get back to Athena. To borrow a line from Moxxie – kitty has claws. During the demo they played as Athena, who has a really pro shield that spins, absorbs damage, and then can be used as an offensive weapon. Developers described her as the “ultimate Captain America badass and a woman.” Longtime fans of the series would remember her from the General Knoxx DLC of Borderlands (which I plan to download and play immediately because…well I should).
The demo also teased The Stingray, one of the vehicles you’ll use to navigate the moon.
If you were lucky enough to get into their Sunday panel, don’t forget to redeem your code for a free copy of the game upon its release. I look forward to butt stomping faces with you all when the game is released this fall.


~The Myrrick