Umm if you had any doubts about Borderlands The Presequel, please watch this VERY informative video from our good friends Sir. Hammerlock and MR. TORGUE!!!!

HOLY &#^%CAKES!!!! I can’t even begin to process everything I just saw in that trailer, but there are some AMAZING new features to this game. I am very excited for no-gravity, freeze guns, double jumping, and those new vehicle types (and probably 50 other things that flew by while I was in shock watching!).

Anywho!!! With new characters, come NEW SKILL TREES!!! Check them all out here: So you can now start planning out your conquest of the Pandora moon Elpis!

Skill tree borderlands the presequelMy mind has been blown and my face has been melted off! I have one month to put myself together again cuz Borderlands The Presequel hits stores on October 14th!!!! SORRY NEXT GEN’ERS, THIS ONE’S NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!