Lindsey Stirling is by far one of the most impressive self-start artists of this century. Her geeky videos on YouTube were only the beginning of her fame and to this day she is driving in the fast lane. It really goes to show that you don’t need an agent or a record label to make your dreams come true.

My wife and I just attended our third concert (we do it every year for our anniversary) and it was the best one yet! Stirling just seems to get better and better as time goes on and her message is always one of HOPE. Something we need more and more these days.

This time around, her album “Brave Enough” will feature more collaborations than her previous works, something that I am really looking forward to. Especially the track that features Weezer front-man Rivers Cuomo!! Who doesn’t love Weezer?! Of course there will be instrumental tracks on the album but be ready for about a 50/50 mix. From what I’ve heard before I am really excited for this album to hit so I can listen to it over and over again on my vacation. For those of you that helped crowdfund the album on Pledge Music, the digital download will be available today, though I’m not exactly sure when the physical CD will arrive.

Stirling’s song “Something Wild” can also be heard via the new Disney film Pete’s Dragon, a remake of one of my favorite films from childhood. It is truly amazing that Disney asked her to write a song for one of their movies! Stirling will also be adding her own vocals to a few of her songs so I am really pumped to her that side of her creativeness. If you are a fan of her videos, “The Arena” is a good tribute to a Mad Max-esque world and an exciting vibrant song. Check it out below!

So Towelites I implore you to check out Lindsey Stirling if you have’t already! If you have then you know what I’m talking about!! Get out there and buy, download, whatever you have to do to add “Brave Enough” to your music library!

LS Brave Enough Tacklist