If you know me at all, you know that Joss Whedon‘s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is one of my favorite shows of all time. You can even read a bit about my love for the series HERE. Season 2 is arguably the best season, given the changes from Angel to Angelus, and some of the best writing from Marti Noxon and Jane Espenson.

Below, Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt shared some footage from his YouTube page on the making of that fantastic season.

Instead of my usual stunt fighting videos I thought I’d upload something strictly for die hard fans of the series. A 31 minute video featuring the cast and crew of season 2.

During season 2 we were trying to promote the show so I had various crew and cast members talk to the camera directly to the fans,” he continued. “This was a time before anyone was a star and nobody was the god of his own universe yet. There was no infighting or jealousy among crew members. Everybody supported each other’s work. The thing that strikes me most looking back at this (aside from how young we all are) is how innocent it was then; a much different atmosphere than in later high pressure years of the show.

Visit Pruitt’s YouTube for more information on what you’re watching in the footage.

I still pray to the Old Gods that we see a reunion/crossover episode with Buffy and Angel some day. Maybe if Whedon stops making buckets of millions from Marvel. Not that I can blame him for that.