As a huge fan of most Metroidvania 2D games, I’m excited to share the game Buck with you. It’s currently sitting at 50% funded on Kickstarter, but I have no doubt it will reach it’s goal in the next two weeks. The game looks very well crafted and a ton of fun. It also has recently announced that the main character, Buck, will be voiced by YouTube sensation, Caddicarus. You can read more about the game and how you can contribute below!

Wave Interactive have today revealed that YouTube sensation, Caddicarus, is voicing an integral character in their story-driven 2D adventure,Buck.
Buck‘s pre-alpha has been downloaded over a thousand times during our campaign’s first two weeks and we’ve received some fantastic feedback from players. We’ve now added controller support, tweaked difficulty and we’re now working on introducing the melee system, so that players can really get a feel for Buck’s fluid and dynamic combat!” said Gal Kfir, project lead at Wave Interactive. “We’re happy to reveal that we’re working with the incredible Caddicarus, who will be voicing a character calledNibbler. This is an important character in the game, as he’s world’s merchant. Caddicarus is so well known and loved, we jumped at the opportunity to work with him, and we can’t wait for you to meet his character.”
At 50% funded and with 15 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, there’s still time to grab a copy of the game from just $10! There’s a tier for everyone and you can even get a beloved pet included in the game on a wanted poster, or as an NPC!
Buck is a 2D Metroidvania adventure that’s set in a haunted and somber post-apocalyptic wasteland, in which you play as Buck, a motorcycle garage mechanic who decides to leave everything he knows behind in order to find the truth behind a girl’s disappearance; all while struggling to adjust himself to a world he doesn’t fully understand.

About Wave Interactive

Wave Interactive was formed in 2013 a small studio with big ambition. Consisting of talented, disciplined individuals, the team is busy working hard to develop their first game, Buck.