Thirty-two Quadrillion

A number that probably used to be unfathomable in most situations is now the current number of shots fired in Call of Duty around the world. The number is actually 32.3 as of now. A picture like this shows just how mighty the Call of Duty franchise has become over the years. Who would have thought these games would sell over one-hundred million copies world-wide?

Call of Duty Ghosts: preview - video

I personally didn’t. Actually, back when the franchise was young I didn’t even like Call of Duty. I figured it was just another Medal of Honor game; Medal of Honor was cheaper at that time so I used my allowance on that. I did not jump on board the COD bandwagon until 2010 when Modern Warfare 2 was out. The in-depth story for a first person shooter blew me away and I was hooked. I began playing online as well and am now a figure in this chart.

This chart shows how one idea can turn into an industry making event. Although some players think that new COD games can be hit or miss (most that I talk to that complain are complaining about the online gameplay and not solo campaigns, or they’re just Battlefield fanboys), these games continue to dominate the industry. The success of the Call of Duty franchise is both impressive and exciting. Here’s hoping that they keep up the success and keep pushing the boundaries of gaming!

-Dan Lee

call of duty shot chart