If you love comics at all, or just the idea that childhood doesn’t stop when we become adults, then you’re probably a fan of Bill Watterson’s, Calvin & Hobbes, comic strip. The series follows the rambunctious young Calvin, and his pet/toy tiger, Hobbes. They go an the most fantastic of adventures and I, for one, think there hasn’t been a better comic strip invented. Though, The Boondocks is right up there. The only problem with the comic, is that Watterson stopped making it.

No one really  knows why, other than Watterson is known to be reclusive and just got worse as time went by. Luckily, there’s a new documentary by Joel Schroeder, that should shed some light on the comic strip and just what happened0. The film is called, Dear Mr. Watterson, you can check out the trailer for the film below.

The film was completely funded by Kickstarter and doesn’t have an expected release date.