After a colossal mess with Batman vs. Superman, the comic book superhero universe is again saved by another Marvel film.  This time our favorite Marvel characters are pitted against one another due to political and moral differences.  Just like in the Twilight series, the Avengers are split down the middle, team Captain America and team Iron Man.  Probably the most important question is…..why?  To answer that question you have to consider the collateral damage of any war or conflict where people suffer in the aftermath of any battle.  This film addresses this subject by placing the Avengers on notice and put in check by the U.N.  William Hurt reprises his role as General Thaddeus Ross as the U.S. Secretary of State, to give the Avengers the bad news that governments from all over the world want them to be controlled and leashed to prevent another Sokovia or New York incident.  captain-america-civil-war-poster1This is the catalyst that rips the team apart.  To add fuel to the fire, Bucky is wanted for terrorism against the Wakandan government and the murder of their ruler.  Throughout most of the film, Team Rogers and Team Stark race against each other trying to find the Winter Soldier and uncover the truth.

Most of the Avengers have returned, with the exception of the Hulk and Thor.  But that’s okay, the film digs deep into the personal decisions and torments of each supporting character and deliver performances that are stellar.  Chris Evans once again does a great job as Captain America.  He still has this boyish charm, but at the same time his conviction to his friends and his ideals of freedom for everybody is pretty badass.  His fight scenes are more intense and choreographed beautifully.  His use of the shield as part of his arsenal is great as well.  The conflict between Rogers’ and Stark’s ideals is somewhat ironic due to the fact that Stark’s persona is usually rebellious and Rogers’ is more patriotic and always follows orders. However the roles are reversed in this movie.  We get to see a few more familiar faces, like Ant Man, and new-comer Spider-Man, but the one that really caught my eye is the introduction of the Black Panther who is played by Chadwick Bosman.  I was a little concerned as to how they would portray the Wakandan prince at first, but then he shows up and my concerns just melt away.  I am really looking forward to his stand alone movie in the future.

The internal struggle within Steve Rogers is pretty apparent when he has to choose between his loyalty to his friends, Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes.  But his sense of righteousness leans towards Bucky and pushes him to defy his superiors to uncover the truth about who is really behind the strings that are being pulled to frame Bucky.  The film delivers not just crazy and insane action scenes, but it pulls us into the world espionage and international mystery.  Daniel Bruhl plays a mad scientist, Baron Zemo who is extremely interested in Roger’s super soldier serum and using Bucky for his nefarious agenda.  Bruhl takes Zemo’s character and creates a wonderful, creepy, mysterious villain that everyone wants to hate and love all at the same time.  I know we’ll see more him down the line.  The film takes us all over the world, following Rogers and his rebellious allies to Vienna, Lagos, Wakanda, Bucharest and Siberia.  I feel like I need a passport just to watch this film, but that’s okay, as long I get frequent flyer miles.  

I love this film because it makes sense.  I didn’t have to go and say, “what to hell is going on?” during the movie.  You know what is happening from beginning to end and not scratch your head.  Every character has a purpose and their reasoning is logical.  The action scenes are clever and entertaining to watch.  The film is witty, clever, dramatic, and full of action that will leave you breathless, wanting for more.

I give this four and half out five movie stubs.