Let it begin! The market campaigns for Captain America: The Winter Soldier are well underway as web have already seen action figures hitting the shelves, there’s the comic preview, and inevitably the mobile game! Gameloft is handling this one, just like they did with the EPIC Thor: The Dark World game so I’m pretty excited about this one! Though I may have been in the minority that had a good time playing the console game, aka Arkham clone, that came out with the original movie, so I am hoping that we get one of those too. Check out the trailer below for some cool cell-shaded, team based action featuring you’re favorite First Avenger!


Check out this great behind-the-scenes video courtesy of MovieWeb and Tumblr. The video is from the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray release, so don’t expect it to stay online for very long, so watch it while it lasts!


After the awesome Super Bowl trailer that just hit this week, which you will find below, we are seeing some stills being pulled from it. Check out the gallery below for some new pics of the cast from The Winter Solider! Plus a great look at Sebastian Stan as the titular character!

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4th!



Captain America The Winter Soldier 04