I am not always big on watch TOO MUCH footage before going to see a movie that I am really excited about. I like to go in fresh and see everything for the first time. BUT there are exceptions, like this clip from the upcoming Captain America sequel! Expanding on the comical scene inside the Quinjet when Black Widow and Cap exchange lines about dating, it shows just where the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is headed, watch if you want. It’s well worth it, plus you get an emotional trailer at the end of it. I CANNOT wait for this movie any longer!!

What I really like about this clip, and hopefully I’m right, is that it deals with a villain at the beginning of the movie. A minor threat but needs to be addressed, stopped, and then our heroes move on to the bigger problem. It looks like they will follow the same formula when it comes to Baron Von Strucker in Avengers 2, but we will see of course when that comes about. For now we can watch Cap kick Batroc the Leaper‘s butt all over his cargo ship!

Not really all that fresh but still needs to be shown off on DFAT, especially since he is once of my favorite comic characters. The Winter Soldier himself finally gets his very own character poster, check it out!

Captain America The Winter Soldier poster



Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters on April 4th!