The movie season has begun. It’s April 3rd, 2014, and the Marvel Studios sequel we’ve all been waiting for, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has hit theaters! I had the opportunity to check out a double feature of the new and the original, in 3D. I own Captain America: The First Avenger, so I’ll watched it on occasion. It’s actually one of my favorite Marvel films, and definitely my favorite comic book movie origin. Joe Johnston has directed some good movies, including my other 40’s serial superhero favorite, The Rocketeer. Hey, maybe now that Disney owns the two properties, we’ll see a crossover??! A geek can dream right? Anyways watching the original on the big screen was pretty great, and it being shown in 3D added to the experience. I would have watched this at home prior to going to see the film anyways, so thank you to the theater for hosting a Double-Feature. It was cool to get a poster:

Captain America The Winter Soldier 05

I really wanted the IMAX poster… I’m not complaining…too much, I’ll give this one to my nephews.

To make it easier to tell you what I think of this film, let’s use simple acronyms. TWS= The name of the film or directly referencing the villain the Winter Soldier; Cap= Captain America, duh. Simple enough right?

But I’m not here to totally tell you why I LOVED this movie. I’m saving that for after I re-watch the movie this weekend. So stay tooned. But I am here to give you a little insight to the film and why it’s important for you to get out this weekend and see this movie!

The beginning of the movie is funny and all-out action at the same time. Which is something the film carries well from start to finish. It’s nice to see a group of people who are very comfortable working together, having a good time, making a movie. Even new-comer, Anthony Mackie who plays Sam Wilson aka the Falcon fits in well with the crew. I like the humorous approach of developing the relationship between Sam and Cap so early in the film. The “on your left” joke is great, and has a good return value later on in the film. Falcon was my favorite new part of this film, even over TWS, even the background developing Black Widow, and I’m sorry Cap. Mackie played his devoted soldier role well, and the flight scenes are amazing! He becomes a rock in Cap’s life and I’m excited to see what happens next!

Then there’s the fact that this movies feels like an Avengers sequel. A team of our favorite heroes teaming up to take on the bad guys. Cap and Black Widow (ScarJo), running missions together for S.H.I.E.L.D., specifically for Nick Fury. Seems that they get along pretty well, as they cleverly quip back and forth. BW trying to hook Steve up with a girl, Steve saying he’s too busy. You’ve seen it on all the previews and trailers. This all leads us to the first big action scene in the film as our S.H.I.E.L.D. task force has to take a ship back from pirates and save some hostages, including everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, Jasper Sitwell… The bad guy behind the pirating, non other than criminal mastermind thief/martial artist, Batroc the Leaper. This guy:


Oh, I’m sorry. I meant this guy, Georges St. Pierre. The professional MMA fighter.


The use of Batroc in the movie is perfect and something that I have been wanting comic book movies to do for awhile. Using a small villain, as a warm up, allows you to open up the world more and introduce more characters, even if they are only there to get beat up at the beginning of the film. Unfortunately for Batroc, he doesn’t possess any super powers so in the end he can’t go toe-to-toe with Cap. The best thing about this fight? It doesn’t go on forever, in fact Cap beats the crap out of him. Why? It’s the beginning of the movie and Batroc is a C-Lister. He’s fighting  Captain America, nuff said. When it’s time to leave, Cap has a hard time reaching Black Widow, so he goes to find her. AND this is where the movie actually begins, when Cap starts to question who he’s working for and with. Are his actions aiding the good guys? The problem is that Cap can’t deal in the “grey area”, and even though the world is build on it, he can’t get past his own morals.  I love that he never compromises who he is, and this film, just like the ones that preceded it show Cap for who he really is. I love that those around him are made the better for it as well.

frankgrillo-crossbones-combo-tsrThe villain, well one, kinda two, I can’t tell you about. BUT I’m glad that they are a  part of this universe now. Crossbones on the other hand is now trying to be a badass. But hey, it was nice and entertaining to see you get beat up throughout the entire film. Thanks Frank Grillo, I actually started using your real name for the comic book character. But the one villain we CAN really talk about, The Winter Soldier, is perfect. Sebastian Stan delivers a solid performance as the titular villain. Everytime that TWS is on the screen he has such a demanding presence, and does a great job creating fear. The movie’s score is amazing and Henry Jackman delivers a solid soundtrack. The “screaming” sounds you hear when TWS is about to lay the smack down are haunting and appropriately creepy. I think this adds to the effect of his presence. This movie doesn’t hide its villain, there are several confrontations throughout the movie with TWS, so viewers won’t be disappointed.

If you have been keeping up with the TV show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then you kind of knew what was coming in the film, but only kinda. If you’ve been saying to yourself,”I really need to get caught up on that show”…This is the one week where you really wished you would have. Agent Sitwell is the character that bridges the universes, and he plays a pretty big part. When AOS tells you that everything changes, they aren’t kidding. I am looking forward to what’s to come on the show. I am pretty sure that we learned who the Clairvoyant is/was…..I’m going to stop talking now. He’s probably watching….

Arnim_Zola_4.2.3_(Earth-616)_0001Anywho, the most important aspect of these Marvel films to recognize is, any fictional character could be in these roles. Cap 2 is the spy thriller, the same kind of film you would have seen Harrison Ford playing as Jack Ryan in. Or take Iron Man 3, the man on the run comedy that only RDJ can deliver. Or Thor 2, the sci-fi/fantasy movie that everyone has been waiting for since Masters of the Universe! Marvel Studios is so smart about their films, and I have no doubt that they do INDEED have plans for movies through 2028. Why wouldn’t you?! These are action movies for a new generation, they aren’t going anywhere. They are definitely not going anywhere when they can gross a BILLION dollars.

The “man out of time” theme has to exist in Captain America story lines, well at least all of the ones you put on the big screen. Cap 2 does this in two different ways. One of the best parts of the film is seeing the differences between Cap and TWS. Here you have two friends, ripped from their timeline. One has had the chance to do it his way, and the other has been controlled for years.  When you watch the movie and find out who the bad guys are, the “man out of time” theme plays a major part in how Steve deals with cleaning the mess up. Cap is unfaltering with his morals and this why he is the best role model when it comes to superheroes.

Go see this movie. This weekend, Just do it. Take your loved one, your dad, your brother/sister, friend. Whoever. Go see the first great film of the season, because you won’t regret it. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is more than a comic book fan can ask for when they grew up with this:

David Hasselhoff Nick Fury

Thank you Russo Bros. Thank you. Nick Fury is one of the best parts of this film.  The first end-credit scene blew my mind. Mind blown, so awesome.

So what can you learn by going to see Cap 2 this weekend?

What do you do when you can’t trust anyone? You trust Captain America.


Captain America The Winter Soldier 02 Black Widow