Having a touch of the Super Mario Odyssey is not what makes this Nintendo Adventure game so special, but the fact that it has integrated an old-school technique, which resulted in Captain Toad becoming a best seller! This game is for all treasure hunters!

Back in the day, the Super Mario Odyssey was the daily hype that appealed to kids and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t like some quality time of gaming sessions? New challenges and defeating new threats as you go through diverse levels. This 90’s arcade game has withstood the test of time, and other products are trying to emulate and get tips from it.

Nonetheless, Nintendo did not end their groundbreaking discoveries here as they have emerged at the top of the gaming industry with something that will have you hooked on your screen. Captain Toad is one such game that on the onset looks quite simple but is way too fun to be ignored!

Have you ever had a thing for treasure hunting? Are you a treasure hunter? Do you find yourself in delirious fantasies of finding treasures untold? Well, meet Captain Toad! Not only does it aim to entertain but also helps you view things from different angles. Whether you want to play the Captain Toad game on your tabletop, TV, or handheld device, make sure you are close enough to note all the tricky pathways to progress through the Captain Toad challenging puzzles.

Captain Toad Puzzling Quest

Nintendo allows you a free software update of the Captain Toad game as you get to enjoy the Toy-Con VR Googles (still from Nintendo Lab™), which sweeps your gaming experience to another level.

You are the hero of the game, and as such, Captain Toad will come to face smoldering volcanoes as you go through hazardous steam engines. Still, Captain Toad missions include dodging brutal dangers while still finding hidden treasures and even escaping haunted houses. While at it, as you follow your high stakes treasure map, you will come face to face with the unyielding greedy Wingo bird who has stolen treasure.

There’s so much to be sought out for in this puzzling treasure quest – Captain Toad has done a great job in bringing out the interesting hindrances and barriers in an old fashion way that gives one basic know-how of treasure hunting.

Playing Captain Toad

Nintendo Switch systems allow a two-player mode for this game using their controllers. It was first released back in 2014 and has been ranked as one of Nintendo’s top products. Captain Toad stars as a simple guy who has much work to do and new secrets to burst open. Each level aims at achieving the golden star at the end while accumulating points from gemstones and other unraveled mysteries. The full course can be subdivided in four major mini-sessions:

  • Untouched Find at the Dreary Mushroom Ruins
  • The Ghostly Walleye Tumble Temple
  • The Briny Bowl SCARY Bathing Hole
  • The Nerve-Wracking Mine Cart Throwdown

You won’t meet a princess at the end of the road with arms open wide ready to kiss you once you save her from the guarded castle! Nonetheless, you will find satisfaction and appreciation of self with each new gold star attained.

Have you played Captain Toad yet?

If gaming was a career, Thomas Quarry would not have gone into archeology and treasure hunting. He is inspired by British History and has trekked the streets and woods of Old Britain in search of whatever he could find. In his pastime, Thomas is a dad who fights game wars with his kids – the best kids around!