Since, we’re all a Vin Diesel fan at DFAT; and there’s a new Riddick film coming out, I thought it would be good to show a little love to the Fast & Furious star. I’d love you to come up with the best Caption for the picture below from Vin Diesel’s break dancin’ video ‘Breakin’ in the USA’. Yes, this actually happened!


Some random Vin Diesel facts!

He’s a natural red head.

He actually drives a Miata

He has a separate stylist just for vests

Contrary to his profile, he’s never even been kitesurfing.

His one ironclad rule for prospective partners: Must love cats.

He regularly calls Live Links to meet new singles in his area.

He has a unique physiology that allows him to digest cigarettes

He’s an original shareholder of Jordache.

He always bets on black.

Favorite phrase: “That’s my jam.”

He has a pet bunny named “Foo Foo Diesel.”

He is a noted Model Railroad Hobbyist, and every quarterly Lionel Trains newsletter contains a sidebar written by him called “Diesel’s Depot”.  He’s currently in a copyright infringement battle with a lesbian bar over the name.

He wears a life jacket in the bath tub.

Diesel was actually his second choice — Jessica Parker was already taken.

As an avowed germophobe, he’s a proponent of the “whole body bump” as an alternative to handshakes

He drinks a flirtini after every workout.  Shaken not stirred, three cherries.

He invented “raising the roof” in 1987.

Every year on his birthday, he orders a Fudgy the Whale from Carvel but never picks it up.

He never misses an opportunity to sing “Walk Like an Egyptian” at karaoke. The regulars hate him for always bumping them.

He wears Croc sandals around the house, but always refers to them as “my kicks.”

He has another brother, Todd Diesel, an assh*le frat guy that works in commercial real estate.

He refers to all acquaintances as either “tiger” or “hoss.”