After only two weeks Cartoon Network has announced that they will be pulling the hour-long DC Nation block and not be airing new episodes until January 2013!!! Here’s a quick quote from Green Lantern the Animated Series producer Giancarlo Volpe:

“Apparently Cartoon Network preempted it in celebration of their 20th birthday. Their logic, not mine. I am very disappointed. […] Preempted means they replaced it (hopefully only temporarily) with How to Train Your Dragon.” 

In the back of my mind I thought that the block had returned a little too quickly since the end of the season just this past summer and I was excited to get new episodes from two of my favorite cartoons on TV, Green Lantern and Young Justice, so soon. But I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for January. With two new shows joining the line-up next year, Beware the Batman and Teen Titans GO!, who knows what the block will look like. Hopefully they don’t plan on ending Young Justice anytime soon and replace it with something childish like Teen Titans. But you never know…

Stay Tooned 😛